St Brigids N.S Limerick school t-shirt

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This is a pre-order and sizes may not be in stock and might take up to 4 weeks for delivery if not 

This is the t-shirt for St. Brigids National School,


If you dont know what size you need we have a very simple size chart that makes it simple to select the right size just follow the 4 simple steps 

Step 1

Look at the picture attached this shows how we got our measurements from the tops

 step 2

Using the same technique measure top you have already at home

 Step 3

Once you now have your own measurement look up our size chart

 Step 4

Match your sizes to our size chart and select you size


Arm pit to arm pit                Top to bottom

Age 2/3

12 inches                               16 inches

Age 4/5

13 inches                               18 inches

Age 6/7

14 inches                                20 inches

Age 8/9

15 inches                                21.5 inches

Age 10/11

16 inches                                22 inches

Age 12/13

17 inches                               23.5 inches


17.5 inches                            24 inches


18.5 inches                            25 inches


19½ inches                            26 inches


20½ inches                            27 inches


21 inches                               28 inches