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The IDSPORTS club GAA glove comes in your clubs colours and with your club crest, and in any design you want.

This club glove can be a great fundraiser for the club as €5 from every pair sold goes directly to the club.

And we look after everything too all the club has to do is advertise the sale of the glove within there club.

We will design and set up the club free of charge and then the club has a choice of three options

1/ The club can use our online shop to sell the glove so you do not even have to handle payments etc it can be all done online

2/Or if the club prefer we can come to you on a designated date and people can try on before they buy.

3/ A mixture of option 1 and 2 where we come to you and also sell online

At ID SPORTS we do it your way Your Color ,Your Design, Your Style

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