Butlerstown Camogie Club Bottoms Skinny Leg fit

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This is a club pre-order for the Butlerstown Camogie Club
This item may not be in stock so might not be delivered straight away.
Orders are placed on the 20th of every month for items not in stock and delivery will be approx 3 weeks after that (this is only for items not in stock items n stock will be delivered within the week)
All deliveries can be made directly to the club this saves the cost of postage been added to your order (but if you like orders can be posted directly to you please message us about this if you want)
 Butlerstown Camogie Club bottoms skinny leg fit
These bottoms are a skinny leg fit navy in colour with a royal blue and amber-gold stripe down each leg
 The bottoms have a zip opening on the bottoms to make it easier putting on or taking off and two zipped pockets.
Club crest is embroidered on the left leg, and the waist is elasticated and has a pull string also
Here is a step by step of how to use the size guide correctly
Step 1
Look at the picture attached this shows how we got our measurements from the tops
Step 2
Using the same technique measure top you have already at home
Step 3
Once you now have your own measurement look up our size chart
Step 4
Match your sizes to our size chart and select you size


Waist                               Inside leg                       Outside leg

Age 2/3

20 inch waist                     17 inch                           25 inches

Age  4/5

22 inch waist                     22 inch                           31 inches

age 6/7

22/24 inch waist               25 inch                            32.5 inch

age 8/9

24/26 inch waist               25.5 inch                         33 inch

Age 10/11

26/27 inch waist               26 inch                            34 inch

Age 12/13

28/29 inch waist               28 inch                            36 inch 


29/30 inch waist               28 inch                            37 inch


30/31 inch waist               28 inch                            38 inch


32 inch waist                     30 inch                            39 inch


34 inch waist                     31 inch                            40 inch


36 inch waist                     31 inch                            40 inch


38 inch waist                     32 inch                            41 inch


40 inch waist                     32 inch                            41 inch


42 inch waist                     33 inch                            42 inch