Ardpatrick N.S tracksuit bottoms

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This is a pre-order and sizes are not in stock
All orders placed before the 5th of July will guarantee delivery before the start of school
Please note pant sizes are inches not age so please check sizing charts

This is Ardpatrick N.S. tracksuit bottoms
Navy in colour school name embroidered on the leg.
It has an elasticated drawstring with pull cord, two zipped pockets and zipped openings on the bottom to make easier take on and off

Please use size guide to help you select the correct size as our bottoms can be a big fit

We will be doing fittings at the school at an organized date but
Uniforms can also be ordered throughout the year online 

If you don't know what size you need we have a very simple size chart that makes it simple to select the right size just follow the 4 simple steps


Step 1

Look at the picture attached this shows how we got our measurements from the tops

Step 2

Using the same technique measure top you have already at home

 Step 3

Once you now have your own measurement look up our size chart

Step 4

Match your sizes to our size chart and select you size


Waist                               Inside leg                       Outside leg

Age 2/3

20 inch waist                     17 inch                           25 inches

Age  4/5

22 inch waist                     22 inch                           31 inches

age 6/7

22/24 inch waist               25 inch                            32.5 inch

age 9/10

24/26 inch waist               25.5 inch                         33 inch

Age 10/11

26/27 inch waist               26 inch                            34 inch

Age 12/13

28/29 inch waist               28 inch                            36 inch 


29/30 inch waist               28 inch                            37 inch


30/31 inch waist               28 inch                            38 inch


32 inch waist                     30 inch                            39 inch


34 inch waist                     31 inch                            40 inch


36 inch waist                     31 inch                            40 inch


38 inch waist                     32 inch                            41 inch


40 inch waist                     32 inch                            41 inch


42 inch waist                     33 inch                            42 inch