Cumas Drill balls hurling/camoige training aid

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Drill balls can be used in many ways to improve the skill of hurling/camoige in young players. Two different lengths of cord are supplied to suit various drills and age groups. The amount of possible drills using the equipment will depend on the imagination of coaches.

Each set contains four drill balls on shock cords ( 2 x 4.5meters and 2 x 6.5 meters) a mallet, peg extractor, instructions and carrier bag

Some examples of drills

Jab-Lift and Strike
First player jab-lifts ball with hurley, catches, then strikes ball hard about waist-high straight over ground peg and steps aside. Next player moves in to control the returning ball and repeat. Any number of players can line up to take part in this drill.
Sideline Cuts
A Drill Ball can be used for developing this skill without having to follow and retrieve sliotar everytime
Pucking Out
Goalkeepers can use Drill Ball to great effect. Drive peg into ground about 7 metres from goal-line and puck out in various directions. Ball will return goalwards from different angles, giving good practice in stopping and controlling sliotar.
Striking At Goal
Drive peg into ground about 12 metres from goal, and strike for goal or point from different angles.